Matkarimov Bakhyt

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioinstruments, Center for Life Sciences, PI “National Laboratory Astana”, Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Scopus: link h-index: 14


Scientific interests: Bioinformatics.

Selected publications:

  1. Prorok, P., Grin, I.R., Matkarimov, B.T., Zharkov, D.O., Saparbaev, M.. Evolutionary origins of dna repair pathways: Role of oxygen catastrophe in the emergence of dna glycosylases. Cellsthis link is disabled, 2021, 10(7), 1591.
  2. Baiken, Y., Kanayeva, D., Taipakova, S., Matkarimov, B., Saparbaev, M. Role of Base Excision Repair Pathway in the Processing of Complex DNA Damage Generated by Oxidative Stress and Anticancer Drugs. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biologythis link is disabled, 2021, 8, 617884.  
  3. Lobanov, M.Y., Pereyaslavets, L.B., Likhachev, I.V., Matkarimov, B.T., Galzitskaya, O.V. Is there an advantageous arrangement of aromatic residues in proteins? Statistical analysis of aromatic interactions in globular proteins. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journalthis link is disabled, 2021, 19, стр. 5960–5968.
  4. Pachva, M.C., Kisselev, A.F., Matkarimov, B.T., Saparbaev, M., Groisman, R. DNA-Histone Cross-Links: Formation and Repair. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biologythis link is disabled, 2020, 8, 607045.
  5. Yurchenko, A.A., Padioleau, I., Matkarimov, B.T., Sarasin, A., Nikolaev, S. XPC deficiency increases risk of hematologic malignancies through mutator phenotype and characteristic mutational signature. Nature Communicationsthis link is disabled, 2020, 11(1), 5834.
  6. Matta, E., Kiribayeva, A., Khassenov, B., Matkarimov, B.T., Ishchenko, A.A. Insight into DNA substrate specificity of PARP1-catalysed DNA poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation. Scientific Reportsthis link is disabled, 2020, 10(1), 3699.  
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  8. Matkarimov, B.T., Zharkov, D.O., Saparbaev, M.K. Mechanistic insight into the role of Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in DNA topology modulation and response to DNA damage. Mutagenesisthis link is disabled, 2020, 35(1), стр. 107–118.