Mamyrbaev Orken

PhD (specialty 6D070300-Information systems), associate professor. Deputy General Director of the RSE “Institute of Information and Computing Technologies” SC MES RK, head of the laboratory.

Scopus: link h-index: 7

Web of Science: link h-index: 6


Scientific interests: Automatic recognition of Kazakh speech using deep neural networks; Classification of moods; Recognition of named objects; Logical consequence; Hierarchical networks.

Selected publications:

  1. Kartbayev, A., Mamyrbayev, O., Khairova, N., Abilkaiyr, N., Mussayeva, D. Correction of Kazakh synthetic text using finite state automata. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technologythis link is disabled, 2021, 99(22), стр. 5559–5570.
  2. Mamyrbayev, O., Oralbekova, D., Kydyrbekova, A., Turdalykyzy, T., Bekarystankyzy, A. End-to-End Model Based on RNN-T for Kazakh Speech Recognition. 2021 3rd International Conference on Computer Communication and the Internet, ICCCI 2021this link is disabled, 2021, стр. 163–167, 9486811.  
  3. Alimhan, K., Mamyrbayev, O.J., Abdenova, G.A., Akmetkalyeva, A. Output tracking control for high-order nonlinear systems with time delay via output feedback design. Symmetrythis link is disabled, 2021, 13(4), 675.
  4. Mahambetova, U., Nuranbayeva, B., Estemesov, Z., Mamyrbayev, O., Oralbekova, D. Development And Research Of The Influence Of The Composition And Concentration Of Activators On The Strength Of Phosphorus Slag Binders. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologiesthis link is disabled, 2021, 5(6-113), стр. 54–61.
  5. Mamyrbayev, O., Kydyrbekova, A., Alimhan, K., Zhumazhanov, B., Nuranbayeva, B. DEVELOPMENT OF SECURITY SYSTEMS USING DNN AND I & X-VECTOR CLASSIFIERS. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologiesthis link is disabled, 2021, 4(9-112), стр. 32–45.
  6. Guschin, A., Mukha, Yu.P., Gromaszek, K., Łukasik, E., Mamyrbayev, O. Metrological features of a pathospecific device for the diagnostic of glaucoma. Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics III – Metrological Aspects of Biomedical Researchthis link is disabled, 2021, стр. 15–25.   
  7. Kukharchuk, V.V., Pavlov, S.V., Katsyv, S.Sh., Mamyrbaev, O., Kalabayeva, A. Transient analysis in 1st order electrical circuits in violation of commutation laws | Analiza stanów przejściowych w obwodach elektrycznych 1 rzędu z naruszeniem praw komutacji. Przeglad Elektrotechnicznythis link is disabled, 2021, 2021(9), стр. 26–29.
  8. Khairova, N., Kolesnyk, A., Mamyrbayev, O., Ybytayeva, G., Lytvynenko, Y. Automatic multilingual ontology generation based on texts focused on criminal topic. CEUR Workshop Proceedingsthis link is disabled, 2021, 2870, стр. 108–117.