Bolatzhan Kumalakov

PhD In Computer Science, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector, Astana IT University

Scopus: link h-index: 3
Web of Science: link h-index: 2
Google Scholar: link h-index: 3

Professional (scientific) interests: automation, high performance computing, artificial intelligence.

Selected publications:

  1. Shakan, Y., Kumalakov, B., Mutanov, G., Mamykova, Z., & Kistaubayev, Y. (2021). Verification of University Student and Graduate Data using Blockchain Technology. International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control16(5). researchgatelink
  2. Kussainov, K., & Kumalakov, B. (2016, November). Mobile Data Store Platforms: Test Case based Performance Evaluation. In KMIS (pp. 95-99).
  3. Ahmed-Zaki, D., Dobrowolski, G., & Kumalakov, B. (2013, February). Peer-to-Peer MapReduce Platform. In ICAART (2) (pp. 565-570).
  4. Kumalakov, B., Shakan, Y., & Nakibayeva, M. (2019). Business processes and chains of Kazakhstan how do organisations start blockchain projects and evolve throughout?. In 14th International Conference on Software Technologies, ICSOFT 2019 (pp. 441-445). SciTePress.