Beibut Amirgaliyev

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Scopus: link h-index: 6
Web of Science: link h-index: 3
Google Академия: link h-index: 7

Professional (scientific) interests: Creation and application of software; Development and implementation of information systems; Participation in the development of organizational development strategies; Complex informatization of organizations; Entrepreneurship and innovation

Selected publications:

  1. Yeshmukhametov, A., Buribayev, Z., Amirgaliyev, B., & Amirgaliyev, Y. (2020). A Wire-Driven Discrete Continuum Robot Sliding and Non-sliding Backbone Design Analysis and Validation of Kinematics/Kinetics.  
  2. Amirgaliyev, Y., Kunelbayev, M., Kalizhanova, A., Amirgaliyev, B., Kozbakova, A., Auelbekov, O., & Kataev, N. (2020). The Study of Thermal and Convective Heat Transfer in Flat Solar Collectors. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 15, 55–63.
  3. Beibut, A., Magzhan, K., & Chingiz, K. (2014). Effective algorithms and methods for automatic number plate recognition. 2014 IEEE 8th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT).
  4. Beibut, A. (2020). Development of Automatic Speech Recognition for Kazakh Language using Transfer Learning. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering, 9(4), 5880–5886.
  5. Amirgaliyev, Y., Kunelbayev, M., Amirgaliyev, B., Sundetov, T., Yedilkhan, D., & Merembayev, T. (2019). Development and Research of the Control Algorithm and Software of Solar Controller for Double-Circuit Solar Collectors with Thermosiphon Circulation. 2019 International Conference on Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies (PGSRET).